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Hi there! Online ordering is closed for part of the Summer,
but you can shop in person at the following Pop up markets if you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!
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In Person
Sat, August 28th - Mesquite Farmers Market | 9am-2pm
    Shipping - We will resume all shipping operations September 1st.


    Why is everything sold out? Are you closed? Is it forever?
    It's not forever! The shop is closed to online orders July 1- Aug 31 to take a break from candle making and online orders. Products are marked as "sold-out" so that you can browse the online shop. I'll be selling in-person during July and Aug so you can still grab your faves! 

    Why can't you Ship during the Summer months?
    Well, I can ship, but I'm choosing not to for this Summer. All of my candles are made with soft natural soy wax and shipping them in the hottest months of the year can cause melting. Delivery trucks can reach temperatures to over 110 degrees during these months (especially in Texas). I considered insulated packaging, but these options typically include plastic or styrofoam, which goes against my goal to be fully plastic free and eco-friendly. Maybe next year I'll have a solution! 

    Can I place an order today for Shipping in advance (pre-order)?
    Sure! If you don't mind waiting until our shop resumes shipping in September, we can take your order and payment anytime and it will be shipped starting September 1st. Email us to pre-order:


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