Fragrance Guide

Hey, I know shopping for candles online is hard. So I created this guide to help find the perfect Wicks & Wonder candle for you.
Also, check out the Side Guide below!
- Jackie, Owner & Maker


If you're a fan of essential oils, these are for you.



Clean Casa 

grapefruit, mint, lavender, apple

Pick Me Up 

peppermint, eucalyptus, clove

Yoga Studio 

lavender, citrus, eucalyptus


Palo Santo 

cardamom, palo santo, violet, sandalwood


These freshly picked florals and fruits smell like they're straight from the garden. 



gardenia, tuberose, green floral


 Berry Blossom 

jasmine, berry, peach, tea

Agave Island

mandarin, agave, peach



Earthy and natural fragrances that will bring the outside in your home.



citrus, sea salt, jasmine, cedar



sage, citrus, oakmoss, amber


sandalwood, amber, dark musk


sea salt, plum, cardamom, musk


coconut milk, sandalwood, tonka



Bring in the Fall season and Winter holiday with these scents.

Christmas Tree

evergreen, fraser fir, cedar, moss

Winter Chill

eucalyptus, pine, rosemary, oakmoss


Apple Cider

apple, cinnamon, cedar


Cabin Fever 

bergamot, honey, amber, tobacco leaves

Autumn Orchard

pear, apple, green leaves

Pumpkin Please

cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, pie crust


Size Guide

Not sure which size to get? Here's a breakdown of our candle sizing and the ideal space. 
Size Ideal For Hours*
tins Gifts or samples for small spaces 10-15
4 oz. jar Small spaces like bathrooms or an office 20-30
8 oz. jar Medium spaces like bedrooms or entry ways 40-55 
12 oz. jar Larger rooms like kitchens or living rooms 60-65

All durations are approximate and vary depending on candle care, wick trimming, and placement of candle.  See our Candle Care & Tips page to get the most out of your candles


Retired Fragrances

As a small batch company, we try to keep a variety of scent options while maintaining a low cost. Sometimes that means we have to stop making certain scents if they are not selling. We don't consider these as failures, but instead, they are "retired" as they might make a comeback if there is a popular demand - so never say never! 


LAUNDRY DAY | cotton, lily, violet

SUNSHINE GROVE clementine, basil, mint, agave

BOUQUET lemon, jasmine, honeysuckle, violet

SWEET PUMPKIN | pumpkin, brown sugar, and nutmeg