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Candle Care & Tips

Follow these tips to get the cleanest and safest burn


Repurposing your Candle Jars

So you've reached the bottom of the jar and want to repurpose your jar, what to do?! Fortunately soy wax is one of the easiest waxes to clean. It's biodegradable and soft enough to wipe off when melted! 

Removing with HEAT 

Hot Water method: This is probably the easiest method. Low effort! 
  1. Place your finished candle upright in the sink and turn on the hot water.
  2. Plug the sink and let the hot water rise to the wax line in the jar. 
  3. Let the jar sit in the sink until the wax is melted (grab a snack while you wait).
  4. Once runny, carefully dispose of the hot wax and wipe clean with soap & water*.
Double Boiler Method: This is the fastest. It's roughly the same method to pour wax, so it makes sense that this would work to get it out. 
  1. Place your finished candle in a medium pot of water. Fill with water to about 1-2 inches - you want the water line and the amount of wax to be the same, more or less.
  2. Set to low-med heat until the water is hot and wax is runny (should take a few minutes depending on your stove). 
  3. Once melted, carefully dispose of hot wax and wipe clean with soap & water*.  
*REMEMEBER: Soy wax is soft but it's still wax - please do not dispose wax in the sink! 

Removing with COLD

Freezer method: This is probably least effort if done right. 
  1. Using a spoon or butter knife, break up the left over wax of your finished candle so that they're easier to break after freezing. 
  2. Place your candle upright in the freezer for several hours until frozen solid. 
  3. Once frozen, the wax should pop out with a little force using a spoon or butter knife. 
  4. Let the jar reach room temperature before washing with soap & water to avoid cracking.